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  • Why a scientific approach?

    The body reacts to science. Training, sleep, and nutrition can be optimized to create the fitness level (and body) you want. Using real-time metrics and a scientific approach to match your body type to specific routines, I can get you there.

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  • Why a personal trainer?

    When you train with me, you get more than a personal trainer, you get a lifestyle coach. Results are measured not just in how fit you become but in how you feel about yourself and your life.

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  • How can I help?

    Everyone wants to be fit but few rarely get there. My coaching will get you there by creating a new you through new habits, new routines, and a new approach to health and fitness.

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Body/Lifestyle Analysis

Fitness is a lifestyle and training provides the foundation around which to live your new you.

Tailored Design

Routines are designed to match your lifestyle and fitness goals. Training provides accountability, stability and routine tailored to your lifestyle.


Feedback over time on how your body is adjusting and how your fitness levels are changing allow for tailored training.

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“Everyone has a different lifestyle. When you train with me, I help you adjust your lifestyle to reach your fitness goals. I care about everyone I work with. By combining scientific training with personal coaching that helps you improve your lifestyle, we can help you reach your goals together.

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  • “Jose made my routine personal.
    It changed my life.”

  • “The scientific approach really paid off.
    I reached my goals faster than I thought”

  • “Having a routine kept me motivated.
    I’m more fit than I have been in years.”

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